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The Internet is rapidly evolving and new e-mail threats are appearing constantly.  We keep you secure without the worry.

Top E-mail Attachment Threats:
1)  Viruses:  Malicious software code that can cause damage to files on your computer and network.

2)  Worms:  A program that usually reproduces by e-mailing itself to people in your address book.

3)  Trojans:  Hidden scripts designed to carry out tasks such as opening your computer to unwanted access.

4)  SPAM:  E-mail messages you didn't ask for and certainly don't want.

5)  Phishing:  A scam that uses a message disguised as an actual company, such as a bank or service, to trick you into giving out sensitive information.
Ten years ago, SPAM was a meat substitute and worms lived in the ground.  Today threats including viruses, worms, junk e-mail, and phishing scams are putting your business at risk daily.  They infiltrate your employee's inboxes around the clock, opening the front door of your business to a world of liability.

Our service not only slams the door on these threats, but it also sets up a secure perimeter around your Internet communications, stopping unwanted visitors long before they cause any problems.

Here are five reasons why no one compares to ASHsecure:

1.  Services geared toward small businesses.
     Three value-minded plans to fit most budgets

2.  Personalized service with help when you need it.
     24-7 technical support by phone or e-mail

3.  No IT department required.
     On-site configuration and support available

4.  Zero downtime means your service is ALWAYS online.
     When we do our jobs right, you won't know we're doing anything at all.

5.  Switching is easy--we handle the technical details for you.
     We make it simple to transfer of your web site and domain to us.


Have you done the math?  Click here to calculate
how much SPAM is costing your business.



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